Primary school coordinator

Type : Expatriate

Category : Expatriate teaching and leadership vacancies

Position:  Cambridge International Primary Coordinator

Salary: Highly Competitive  

Contract Period: 1 academic year

Summary of package benefits: Tax-free salary, flight allowance at the start and end of placement, fully equiped accommodation, medical insurance and free tuition for up to 2 dependent children of any age as standard.

Professional qualities and experience 

A Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree preferred with specialization in teaching, education, administration or related fields from universities in one of the following countries: Australia,

Britain, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, USA

At least five years of teaching experience (CIE Primary preferred) and previous experience as a CIE Primary coordinator

Experience in implementing best practices in curriculum, staff development, and instruction

Personal qualities associated with good human relations and interpersonal relations

Ability to lead staff toward instructional improvement and conduct professional learning sessions

Ability to prioritize, meet deadlines and work effectively under pressure, pay attention to detail, and meet deadlines

Fluency in both written and spoken English


General Responsibilities and Duties

The CIE Primary Coordinator serves as the curricular, instructional and professional learning leader of the Primary School and is responsible for the development of all phases of the Primary School Programme (typically for 5 to 12 year olds). The CIE Coordinator will assist the Deputy Principal and the School Administration in the formulation and execution of the school’s curricular improvement and strategic development plans.


Scope and Nature of the Position

The CIE Primary Coordinator is responsible for providing leadership and coordination of the Cambridge Primary Learning and Teaching Curriculum within the school.

It is an expectation that this person will have extensive knowledge and experience with delivery and coordination of the Cambridge Primary Programme. The CIE Primary Coordinator will be expected to work within the Leadership Team to realise the Centre’s Vision and Mission.

The CIE Primary Coordinator will be expected to work with year level and single subject teaching teams, and the parent community, demonstrating outstanding communication skills. The role also requires supporting and monitoring teachers to ensure that an inquiry approach to learning is delivered across the school and curriculum standards are followed.



Ensure all relevant CIE communication is shared with all staff

Enable all communication and collaboration among all staff involved in implementing the programme

Inform the Board about the progress being made in terms of implementation and development

Promote Growth Mindset throughout the School

Ensure information about Cambridge International Primary Programme is delivered clearly and effectively to all members of the school and maintain an effective communication between the school and CIE office


Professional Development

Ensure all staff members are made aware of professional development opportunities available and encourage participation

Organise teacher support with planning, modelling and strategies in learning environments

Mentor and assist teaching staff in implementing CIE Primary Curriculum and guide them with regard to using endorsed resources



Be familiar with and promote understanding and use of all CIE Primary documents

Ensure that policies are formulated for teaching, learning and assessment

Lead the process of developing or reviewing the school’s curriculum documents on a regular basis

Ensure prompt and clear communication with the school community of key CIE Primary documents and make sure that teachers have access to Cambridge Primary support site and are using it

Prepare an annual report for the administration and Board following the progress of Primary Year groups as well as Checkpoint examination session