İbtidai sinif üzrə müəllim assistenti

Main duties/responsibilities:

To educate students according to guidelines provided by the Cambridge International and National Curriculum Framework under the overall guidance of the competent education authority.

To facilitate and encourage a learning experience which provides students with the opportunity to achieve their individual potential.

To contribute to maximizing of student attainment.

To share and support the school’s responsibility to provide and monitor opportunities for personal and academic growth.

To help supervise students in class, between classes, during lunch and recess, and on field trips.

To take students to the dining hall and be with them during the breakfast, lunch and snack time.



To follow health and safety issues for the welfare of students and colleagues.

To ensure that the equipment is in good working order and suitable for teaching use.

To plan activities for students, such as reading, drama or art projects. They instruct and supervise them in social and developmental activities, help feed and change them, and generally provide one-on-one attention when needed.

To adopt and work towards the implementation of the school development

To assess, record and report on the development, progress, attainment and behaviour of your students;

To promote the general progress and well-being of individual students, groups of students or class entrusted to you;

To communicate, consult and co-operate with other members of the school staff, including those having posts of special responsibility and parents/guardians to ensure the best interest of students;

To advise and co-operate with the homeroom teacher, head of the school, deputy head, head of department, and other teachers in the preparation and development of educational and social activities;

To participate in In-Service education and training courses as well as continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities, and taking part in action research exercise;

To maintain good order and discipline amongst students under one’s care and safeguarding their health and safety at all times;

To ensure the safe custody and optimum use of equipment normally used by oneself during lessons.

To participate in school assemblies;

To register and monitor the attendance of students under one’s care;

To share in any possible and reasonable way in the effective management, organization, order and discipline of the school;

To participate in and contribute to XXI Century International Education and Innovation Centre meetings and collaborating with parents, homeroom teachers, school administration and other professionals/stakeholders working with the student;

To encourage and support students to participate in local and international projects.

General Duties

Participate in relevant meetings with colleagues, parents and be involved in links with external agencies as part of curriculum enhancement, including extracurricular activities and off-site visits.

Review your own professional development and maintain professional standards.

Coordinating ICT Safety, including all aspects of e-safety.

Teaching assistants will supervise students of different levels of achievement 


What skills and characteristics are we seeking in teaching assistants?

  • Reading, writing and numeracy skills.
  • Good communication skills.
  • The ability to build good relationships with children and adults.
  • Excellent organisational skills.
  • A love of working with children and the ability to manage groups of pupils.
  • A growth mindset

Technical requirements:

  • A university degree in pedagogy, teaching, psychology or related areas.
  • A proof of English language qualification (for non-native speakers Academic IELTS score 7.0 or iBT TOEFL 100, CAE/CFE: C1-C2, or Pearson 65 is required)
  • An experience in the similar position is a preference.


Personal Attributes

Teaching assistant should also possess the following specific qualities:

Communication skills. Teaching assistants need to discuss students’ progress with teachers, so they need to able to communicate well.

Interpersonal skills. Teaching assistants interact with a variety of people, including teachers, students, parents and administrators. They need to develop good working relationships with the people they work with.

Patience. Working with students of different abilities and backgrounds can be difficult. Teaching assistants must be patient with students who struggle with material.

Resourcefulness. To reinforce lessons, teaching assistants must explain information to students in a way that meets each student’s learning style.

Application deadline: by 15th June.