Primary school teacher

“XXI Century International Education and Innovation Center” LLC  is looking for a Primary school teacher for the 2023/2024 academic year in the International Department of the General Secondary Education School (English).

Work schedule: 08:30-16:30 (36 hours per week)

Required level of education:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Primary School Education;
  • Master's degree is preferred.

Required knowledge:

  • “State educational standards (curriculum) of general education in the Republic of Azerbaijan”;
  • International curriculum (Cambridge, IB);
  • Modern student-centred pedagogical approaches
  • Effective teaching strategies;
  • Theoretical and practical aspects of effective classroom management, and student
  • behaviour management;
  • ICT, MS Office and modern learning technologies;
  • Fluency in spoken and written Azerbaijani (C2), and English (C1).

Required competencies:

  • Critical thinking;
  • Problem-solving;
  • Self-motivation and learning;
  • Collaboration;
  • Fairness and Responsibility;
  • Coaching, teaching and development;
  • Logical reasoning;
  • Planning and organizing.

Required skills:

  • Communicating, working and playing with children effectively;
  • Effective time management;
  • Ability to identify and individualize student needs;
  • Effective lesson planning;
  • Ability to effectively use different learning strategies and new technological tools and instruments;
  • Ability to apply reflective teaching.

Primary Responsibilities:

The main function of the person who will work as a Primary school teacher is to form students by the mission*, core values ​​and characteristics of the student profile of the "XXI Century International Education and Innovation Center" LLC, taking into account the age and learning status of students to plan the lesson content and teaching methodologies and teach the lesson accordingly, to identify and apply the appropriate assessment method and evaluate the results of the application, to take measures to eliminate the identified shortcomings, to contribute to the comprehensive development of students; to participate in other activities planned within the framework of education and teaching; to maintain relationships with parents by following the school’s general principles and rules, to supervise students when they are out of the class during lunchtime and different activities (events, trainings, excursions, etc.); to participate in teaching students self-care activities, to provide necessary assistance with self-care needs (changing clothes, going to the toilet, etc.) and to accompany students during the drop-off and pick-up process.

Work experience:

Minimum of 2 years of work experience.


* As the “XXI Century International Education and Innovation Center”, our main mission is to bring up happy and successful individuals. We set a goal to ensure that our students enjoy what they learn, realize their full potential, and grow as leaders and lifelong learners. As a result, we establish a positive, safe, participatory, interactive, encouraging, and yet very demanding environment in which children can learn efficiently while taking into account their individual characteristics.